Womens Winter Clothing

Women's Winter Clothing in Pakistan

Winters in Pakistan range from moderately cold temperature to minus degrees Celsius with heavy snowfall. Depending on which area of Pakistan you are living in, appropriate dressing is very important to protect you from cold. Women's Winter Clothing in Pakistan usually consists of shalwar kameez made of warm fabrics, jeans, tops, and outerwear like shawls, shrugs, jackets, sweaters, ponchos, coats, as well as other items.

The warm materials that are usually used to create Women's Winter Clothing include linen, marina, velvet, dhanak, pashmina, wool, khaddar, as well as other fabrics. These different materials are used to create casual wear, as well as party wear outfits. Designers and brands use these materials to create their winter wear ranges that are sold as ready to wear ensembles, as well as unstitched dresses.

Linen Winter Dresses
One of the most commonly used fabrics for winter wear, linen is breathable and durable. Mostly, casual wear outfits are made using linen fabric that are often paired with linen dupattas or woolen shawls. Printed linen dresses in attractive deep winter hues look very gorgeous.

Khaddar Winter Dresses
Khaddar or also known as khadi, is a woven fabric that is best for designing thicker and warmer outfits. Khaddar suits are very affordable and are great for wearing during extreme cold weather with suitable outerwear. Digitally printed khaddar dresses with pashmina shawls are great for styling for everyday wear.

Dhanak Winter Dresses
Dhanak is an affordable winter wear fabric that looks amazing when it is adorned with lovely prints and intricate embroideries. Dhanak winter dresses are easy to find and look very fashionable when styled for the winters.

Velvet Winter Dresses
Velvet winter dresses are mostly designed for party or wedding wear, where they are constructed as heavily embroidered and embellished outfits paired with other fabrics like net, chiffon, silk, georgette, etc. Velvet dresses not only look luxurious, but keep you well protected against the cold weather as well. When it comes to formal wear during the winter season, velvet is an excellent choice of fabric.

Velvet Shawls
Velvet Shawls have been a style statement for a couple of years now. From the element of extravagance to looking very elegant, women love styling velvet shawls with their outfits. Also popular in bridal fashion, you can shop from a wide range of velvet shawls to style a gorgeous shawl with your bridal attire for a winter wedding.

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