What is Lehenga Dress?

Lehenga is a style of bottoms that is like a loose flowy long skirt and is heavily embellished, as well as embroidered to give it the festive appeal. Lehenga is usually paired with shirts of different lengths and styles, along with a dupatta. It is a very commonly worn Pakistani wedding dresses in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, as well as Sri Lanka. One of the commonly worn Bridal Dresses in Pakistan has to be the lehenga outfits. Lehenga Dresses in Pakistan are usually paired with short or long shirts along with a dupatta. Either the shirts are heavily embroidered or the lehengas are heavily done to make them look extravagant. You can also find a wide range of printed or painted lehenga dresses, which are flowy and lightweight, specifically designed for people with chic refined aesthetics.

Types of Lehenga Dresses in Pakistan

Bridal Lehenga Dresses: Bridal Lehenga Dresses are on the heavier side as they are specially designed for brides to wear on their big day. These Pakistani dresses are designed with appropriate color themes for events like Mehndi, Nikkah, Barat, Walima, as well as Engagement ceremonies. You can either opt for an affordable lehenga dress or go with a designer one to look ravishing on your big day. Bridal lehengas often feature a lightweight lehenga that is paired with an intricately embroidered shirt and a lightly embroidered dupatta. The shirts are usually knee-length, mid-thigh, or long ones, that the bride can select according to her preference. Angrakha style frocks paired with lehenga is also an ongoing trend for bridal fashion. So, you have a multitude of options to select from.

Wedding & Party Wear Lehenga Dresses: Wedding & Party Wear Lehenga Dresses are also designed for the wedding guests like the close female relatives of the brides and grooms. These lehenga outfits are designed less bridal-like and have a more formal look to them. These are mostly accessible as lehenga choli, where the regular lehengas are paired with a cropped top or a waist-length shirt. You can get the lehenga made in any fabric and color option from your local craftsmen to match up with the other bridesmaids. Designers and brands also produce a nice variety of wedding wear lehenga for the guests that are designed accordingly.

Chiffon Lehenga Dresses: For the individuals who are fascinated by flowy outfits, chiffon lehenga dresses are designed just for them. Chiffon lehengas are often stitched over a silk or a plain base, which makes the lehenga dress look very attractive. As the chiffon fabric doesn't stick to your curves and looks flattering, so it is a great option for plus-sized fashionistas. Chiffon lehengas can be paired with embroidered chiffon shirts, silk shirts, velvet shirts, or shirts sourced from other fabrics.

Net Lehenga Dresses: Net lehenga dresses are in trend for a long time now. Farshi net lehengas are very popular and they give you the princess vibes. As the net fabric has a slightly fluffed texture, so it looks a little voluminous and makes you appear very regal. A net lehenga dress is often designed with a net shirt, along with a net dupatta. You can get the net fabric layered over the jacquard fabric to design your customized wedding wear lehenga that will look gorgeous. Choosing a generously embellished net lehenga with tassels is also a great choice that will make all the head turns every time you pass by.

Where to Buy Lehenga Dresses Online in Pakistan?

One of the most difficult things about shopping for party wear dresses is to shop online and also to find a reliable platform to shop from. Pakistani Lehenga dresses can be expensive because they are usually lavishly designed and so have a big price tag. This is why it is important to learn Where to find Lehenga Dresses Online in Pakistan? PakStyle is a large online shopping platform where you can shop a wide selection of Pakistani dresses online. Featuring a handsome range of lehenga dresses that are affordably priced, you can easily shop from PakStyle. The best thing about this webstore is its cash-on-delivery service, so you can relaxly place an online order without the fear of any scam. In case you don't like your product, the online store offers a 7-day return policy for your convenience, so you can readily exchange or return a product.

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