Fancy Dupattas, Chiffon & Net Customized Name Dupattas for Mehndi, Nikkah & Wedding in Pakistan

Dupattas are a part of women's clothing in Pakistan and they come in all shapes and sizes. In some fields, dupattas are also a part of women's uniform and it is worn by women of all age groups. You can choose from wide dupattas, narrow-width dupattas, chaddar style dupattas, stole type dupattas, and much more. Dupattas in Pakistan are a part of eastern wear clothing for women and there are several ways you can style a dupatta. You can drape it around your head to cover it or hang it around your arms, neck, and shoulders to style it fashionably.

Fabric Commonly Used in Dupattas in Pakistan

Dupattas online in Pakistan are mostly sold as a part of the suit you are shopping for and come as two-piece paired with a shirt, as well as a three-piece ladies suits, paired with a shirt, along with trousers. You can also buy fancy dupattas online separately, where they are present in several color options and designs, which makes you fall in love with them. Fabrics Commonly Used in Dupattas in Pakistan include lawn, net, organza, silk, chiffon, masoori, velvet, linen, jacquard, as well as others. Dupattas are present in lovely printed variety and you can also choose from fabulously embroidered dupattas.

Lawn Dupattas
Lawn dupattas in Pakistan usually come paired with lawn suits and are lightweight dupattas that are ideal for casual wear. As lawn fabric is resistant to slip, so Lawn Dupattas are a perfect choice if you cover your head and don't want the dupatta slipping away. Lawn dupattas online are mostly present in printed variety only and feature pretty designs.

Chiffon Dupatta
Chiffon Dupattas are constructed using elegant and feather-light chiffon fabric. They are accessible as embroidered or printed chiffon dupattas that can be paired with plain ladies dresses or fancy ones. The lightly embroidered chiffon dupattas online using the techniques of tilla, gota, and mukesh work are quite trending right now.

Net Dupatta
Net Dupattas have a sophisticated look to them, which makes them instantly appealing. Embroider net dupatta designs are often paired with premium and fancy Pakistani lawn dresses to upgrade their look. formal wear dresses made from net and other fabrics also have dupattas made of the net fabric.

Organza Dupatta
Organza Dupattas are a growing trend that seems to be seen everywhere. Both embroidered and printed organza dupattas variety are very popular right now, where you can also shop for hand-painted designer organza dupattas. They are present as separate dupattas that you can buy to pair with a kurta and trousers or buy a three-piece dress having an organza dupatta.

Silk Dupattas
Silk Dupattas look ethereal when paired with any style of dress. From plain shalwar kameez to fancy trouser shirts, silk dupattas in Pakistan are paired with different styles of ladies suits design. You can choose from printed varieties of silk dupattas or opt for embroidered silk dupattas that are designed for occasion wear.

Jacquard Dupattas
Jacquard Dupattas are either purely sourced from jacquard material or made from a blend of jacquard with other fabrics like silk, chiffon, lawn, as well as others. Jacquard dupattas look very graceful when paired with any Pakistani dresses and they are usually sold along with the shirt, as well as bottoms in the form of a three-piece dress.

Georgette Dupattas
Georgette Dupattas online are dainty-looking dupattas that are lightweight and see-through, with a fancy appeal to them. Georgette dupattas can be styled for casual wear or for parties. If you have an elegantly embroidered kurta with plain trousers, you can pair it with a lightly embroidered georgette dupatta to look like a fashionista.

Some Common Types of Ladies Dupattas in Pakistan

Dupattas are a staple part of clothing for women and are available in all types of dupatta designs, patterns, as well as color varieties. Some Common Types of Ladies Dupattas in Pakistan include printed dupattas, embroidered dupattas, hand-painted dupattas, banarsi dupattas, nikkah dupattas, phulkari dupattas, and much more. All these casual or formal wear dupattas are designed for different occasions, where some of these are a great option for casual wear, while others are designed for parties, as well as wedding wear.

Printed Dupattas
Printed Dupattas in Pakistan are an ideal choice for casual wear and you can also select a gorgeously printed dupatta for a formal event. Digital printed dupattas online and block printed dupattas are some of the most popular, as well as best-selling printed dupatta desings. They usually retail for an affordable price tag and you can shop them locally or from big brand names.

Embroidered Dupattas
Embroidered Dupattas in Pakistan are an excellent choice for party and wedding wear, where you can choose from different styles of embroidery, fabric type, and colors of dupattas. From hand-embroidered dupattas to machine embroidered ones, plainly embroidered dupattas to heavily Pakistani embroidered dupattas with embellishments, the variety accessible is incredible.

Banarsi Style Dupattas
Banarsi Style Dupattas like banarsi sarees and banarsi suits are very popular. You can style them for festivities and weddings, where you can opt for a pure banarsi dupatta or get a more functional dupatta made from a blend of banarsi fabric. These Pakistani dupattas have a lovely self-print with a sheen to them, which makes them look very luxurious.

Chunri Dupattas
Chunri Dupattas in Pakistan are traditional styles of dupattas that are hand dyed and are in trend for decades now. You can choose from simple chunri dupatta designs or get the fancier ones that have embroidery and embellishments on them. These chunri dupattas online can be purchased in beautiful color combinations and pair well with all types of shalwar suits.

Phulkari Dupattas
Phulkari Dupattas design are floral embroidered dupattas that are usually hand embroidered and have vibrant colors. These phulkari dupattas in Pakistan are usually paired with simple Pakistani dresses online to make the dupatta the star of the outfit. Besides floral designs, phulkari dupattas online are also present in colorful abstract designs and look very attractive.

Dupattas for Special Occasions

There are special dupattas that are designed for special occasions and are worn by brides at wedding events. These include bridal shawls, Nikkah dupattas, Mehndi dupattas, ruksati chaddars, as well as others. Dupattas for Special Occasions are designed by expert craftsmen with great accuracy and depending on your budget, you can buy an expensive dupatta or an affordable one. These special event dupattas for women can be purchased from the market or you can get them online. They are made from delicate fabrics and have intricate embroideries on them to make them vibrant, as well as attractive for the occasion.

Nikkah Dupattas (or Groom Name Dupatta)
Nikkah Dupattas are the dupattas that are draped on the heads of the brides for the Nikkah ceremony. These dupattas for Nikkah are usually sourced from see-through fabrics like net, chiffon, organza, as well as others and possess delicate embroidery on them. You can select from plain embroidered Nikkah dupattas, groom's name Nikkah dupattas, Nikkah Mubarak dupattas, as well as others. These dupattas are mostly present in shades of red and you can also get one in a color like white, as well as pink. The Kiran work on the border of Pakistani Nikkah dupattas is what makes them most appealing.

Mehndi Dupattas
Mehndi Dupattas are the dupattas that Mehndi brides style with their Mehndi dress or is given over the head of the bride to do the Mehndi rasoom. Mehndi dupattas are often also used during the bride's entry to hold over her head. Accessible in a fabulous selection of hues, these dupattas for mehndi are very alluring and can be purchased in a wide selection of tints, ranging from Mehndi shades of yellow, green, as well as orange to other pretty shades. These Pakistani dupatta desings are adorned with marvelous hand embroideries and embellishments, which make them even more eye-catching.

Buy Dupattas Online in Pakistan

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