Katan Silk, Shamoz Silk and Raw Silk Dresses Design 2024

What is Silk Fabric?

Silk is a luxury fabric that is sourced locally in Pakistan and some blends of silk are imported as well. Silk fabric is diversely used in producing handkerchiefs, clothing, upholstery, bedding, as well as much more. Clothing made from silk fabric is in high demand and is widely worn for formal occasions, as well as festive events. Women love adorning themselves in extravagant silk dresses while budget buyers look for premium silk dresses that look luxurious but are pocket friendly. The perks of shopping for any type of clothing in Pakistan are not only the convenience of shopping, but also the great discounts you can avail by shopping from renowned stockists such as PakStyle.

Fibroin, a kind of protein fiber, is the source of silk fabric in Pakistan. These protein fibers come from a variety of insects, including silkworms. The finest fabric known as silk is made from the weaving of the fibers. Silk is a plush material with a lovely luster. Silk fabric online come in a variety of styles, some of which are mulberry, tasar, muga, and eri. One of the most often produced forms of silk is called mulberry silk since the silkworms that generate it dwell on mulberry plants. The finest quality of the Silk fabric online is it is wrinkle-free and fairly long lasting.

Types of Silk Clothing in Pakistan

Pakistan is succeeding in the production of silk fabric, which is why the prices of silk have gone drastically down and silk suits online is present abundantly in Pakistan. Types of Silk Clothing in Pakistan include silk dresses, silk dupattas, silk scarves, as well as much more, all of which are present as irresistibly designed clothing in fabulous tints. The silk dresses are generally designed for party wear and include gorgeously printed, as well as embroidered dresses paired with other materials to produce mesmerizing ensembles.

Silk Casual Wear Dresses
Silk Casual Wear Dresses include lawn suits with silk dupattas, printed silk dresses, solid colored silk suits with printed dupattas, shamoz silk suits with banarsi style patterns, as well as much more. Silk fabric is liked for casual wear, as it is easy to carry and style, where you can wear it effortlessly on a regular basis without worrying about ironing it.

Silk Party & Wedding Dresses
Silk fabric is used for making party wear dresses for decades now because it dyes beautifully and has a rich appeal to it. Silk Party & Wedding Dresses include fancy embroidered and embellished dresses constructed from silk material, where they are sold as unstitched suits online or ready to wear garments. The variety of designs, silhouettes, and color selection, everything is remarkable.

Silk Bridal Wear Dresses
Silk Bridal Wear Dresses are immensely popular, as the fabric has a smooth texture, so it gives a very figure-flattering look and every bride wants to look the best on her big day. The silk bridal attires are handcrafted with traditional embroidery techniques, along with dazzling embellishments, where the fabric amazingly holds the design due to its high flexibility. Bridal dresses made of silk material are extravagant and are in demand, especially by those brides who want a luxurious look for their big day. Silk bridal attires are accessible in different silhouettes and color options, where they are adorned with rich traditional embroidery techniques like Resham work, zardozi, aar, tila, kora dabka, as well as others. Bridal suits are often made using a combination of silk fabric with other fancy materials.

Silk Sarees
Nothing looks more feminine and attractive than a perfectly draped silk saree. Silk sarees in Pakistan are in high demand because they look very graceful and silk is one of the best materials for making a saree. Silk sarees are expertly crafted with eye-catching designs that include both spectacular prints and intricate embroideries. Silk sarees in dark colors look lovely for special occasions. As the fabric has a gorgeous drape, so silk sarees are highly preferred over other fabrics. Zardozi or aar work sarees are pretty popular whereas sarees with delicate embroidery on the pallu are the go-to choice of young girls.

Silk Shalwar Kameez
Silk Shalwar Kameez is ideal for casual and party wear. If you are insecure about how certain fabrics look on your body shape, a pretty designed silk suit is going to look super adorable on you. Silk shalwar kameez design can be either paired with a silk dupatta or dupattas made of fabrics like organza, net, chiffon, as well as others. Silk shalwar kameez dresses are loved for all the right reasons. The fabric is sleek and gives a flattering look to your body, where the fabric is suitable enough for all seasons. Silk shalwar suits are either lightly embroidered and designed for semi-formal wear or you can find heavily embroidered, as well as embellished silk suits that are superb for wedding wear.

Silk Maxi Dresses
Silk fabric is a magnificent choice for maxi casual wear or party wear maxi dresses online. Silk Maxi Dresses have a lovely flow and drape to them, which gives them the desired flow, so you can feel feminine, as well as chic. Currently printed silk maxi dresses with a bodice made of embroidered fancy material, hand-painted silk maxis, and embellished silk maxi dresses are quite in trend. Silk maxis usually have a monochromatic color scheme and a traditional look to them with rich embroidery that looks magnificent on the sleek fabric. Silk maxis with koti style bodices are very in trend these days, where they are paired with a dupatta of other material such as chiffon or organza.

Silk Frocks
Silk Frocks are loved for the same reason the silk maxis are, which is their excellent flowy and drape style. Silk frocks online are present in different styles including angrakhas, A-line frocks, peshwaz style frocks, long floor length frocks, as well as much more. Frocks made of silk are present in vibrant and rich tints, which make them very attractive.

Silk Kurtis
Pakistani Silk Kurtis Online are the go-to choice for casual wear as they are easy to style and can be paired with bottoms, as well as dupattas made of any fabric. Silk tunics can also be paired with jeans and other types of western bottoms, which instantly give the whole outfit an ethnic appeal. An effortlessly styled clothing item, the silk kurti is a staple in every wardrobe.

Where to Buy Silk Suits Online in Pakistan?

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PakStyle is the great online platform where you can find Latest Silk Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan is convenient as you get the latest varieties which are updated often. Numerous textile companies and brands produce a wide range of silk dresses that are accessible online as well as in-store for shopping. Some beautiful varieties of silk garments that you can find online include silk shalwar kameez, silk bridal dresses, silk sarees, silk frocks, silk maxis, silk skirts, and much more.

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