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Not many people seem to focus on Jewellery when they are out Jewelry Shopping for the new season. The shopping list is always taken over by fabric-hungry desires or by that very expensive sweater you saw on display which you know you are never going to wear. Jewellery defines your sense of style just as much as an outfit does. You will be surprised to see how a simple piece of Jewellery can bring life to an utterly dull outfit. While pairing an outfit with the perfect set of accessories seems kind of tricky, it is not entirely impossible! To stay on top of your game, you just need to know what is trending or see what and how the celebrities wear. Simple!

Discover the Most Recent Imitation Jewellery Trends

Quality Imitation Jewellery outlasts the test of time even when the fashion trends seem to change every day. But, if a certain trend goes out of fashion for a while, it is sure to come back again. And when it does, you will have a piece of fashion Jewellery that will once again fit in! To pursue the current Fashion Jewellery trends, all you really have to do is to follow some fashion mags and/or blogs and see what the famous designers are featuring in their fashion shows. But if you are interested in buying Imitation Jewellery, then go for pearls, dark stones, dangle earrings etc. that never fade out of style.

Popular Types of Fashion Jewellery

Marilyn Monroe says, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". But of course not all girls can afford to buy Diamond Jewellery. Today, fashion jewelry is much more popular among women than any other type of Jewellery. Fashion Jewellery refers to the bold, spunky jewellery that is a bit heavier than the regular bracelets and chains.

Being a female, you are naturally drawn towards jewelry and accessories that spark up your outfit. Having a perfect jewelry piece that puts together your complete look is essential. If you are someone who loves wearing jewelry on a daily basis and are on a hunt for 5 Fashion Jewelry Essentials for Every Girl Should Own, here are some you absolutely need to have in your jewelry collection.

  • Anklets: Unlike any other kind of Jewelry, an anklet adds a fun carefree spark to one's personality. Just a simple chain and rhinestones adorning a woman's ankle is enough to make her look fabulous. Anklets have a great sentimental value, so they serve as lovely gifts on someone’s wedding or even a birthday.

  • Bangles: Every Pakistani woman's favorite accessory. They are part of Pakistan's traditional Jewellery. Bangles are worn by women on almost all joyous occasions, and especially by the newly wedded to signify matrimony. These bangles are made of various precious as well as non-precious materials like gold, platinum, silver, plastic, glass and ferrous metals. Bangles are something that young girls and ladies find more attractive than other types of accessories. You can wear bangles with a watch or a bracelet, while they will still look amazing. Bangles are made from different types of materials including plastic, glass, metal, as well as others. Metal bangles are very long-lasting and hard to break. If you like the clinking sound of bangles and the super girly look they give, you should definitely add more bangles to your online jewelry collection.

  • Bracelets: Bracelets are delicately designed hand accessories that look graceful on wrists. Bracelets can be worn with any style of ensembles and for any type of event. They are one of the most dainty-looking Pakistani jewellery items that look very complementing on ladies of all ages. If you are into charms, you can buy a bracelet and turn it into your charm bracelet by adding different tiny charms to it. A bracelet is perhaps a more delicate form of bangle that can be stretched or locked to wrap around one's wrist. Either it's a vibrant friendship bracelet or a gorgeous gold bracelet given to you by a loved one, it always holds lots of sentiments and memories.

  • Earrings: Earring is an accessory that frames your face. If you don't have a killer edgy hairstyle to complement your face shape, then earrings are invented just for you. Ranging from long dangly earrings to small studs, earrings go well with all types of looks and party wear dresses. Whether you are dressing up for a formal occasion or just getting ready on a regular basis, an ideal pair of earrings will complete your look. With their feminine appeal, earrings are the type of jewelry you need to must-have in your jewelry box. A good pair of earrings can draw just the right amount of attention to your face. Wearing some super crazy Vintage Jewellery are not a thing of just the red carpet anymore. A crazy colored gem earring can easily be paired with a classic black sweater to make a random outfit look glamorous.

  • Jewellery Sets: Jewellery sets are very popular among women in Pakistan. Either they are sleek and stylish gold/silver sets or bulkier sets embedded with precious stones, ladies love to have them all! Precious metal and stone Jewelry Sets are often quite expensive and hence they have given rise to production and demand of beautifully intricate Artificial Jewellery Sets.

  • Lockets: An accessory that has been popular through the ages. A locket is a timeless piece of Jewellery that is a combination of mystery and intricacy. Women of all ages are lured by its charm and often spend a whole lot of money to get a vintage locket. For women, a locket is an ideal thing to be gifted as it keeps memories closest to her heart.

  • Necklaces: If you are dressing for a formal event, you can style a statement necklace to complement your wedding dresses and if you are dressing up on a regular basis, you can wear a pendant-style necklace to look chic on plain tops. If you are in a mode to dress up, you can wear a pearl necklace or a necklace made of rhinestones, as well as crystals. There are unlimited options to choose from and you have the opportunity to try as many necklaces as you please. Necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and embellish factors. With so many options to choose from, its often considered that women can overlook some Jewellery like earrings. But, the one piece of Jewelry that every single woman in the world can’t overlook is a necklace. Necklaces provide a finishing touch to your attire and add that wow-factor to it quite effortlessly.

  • Rings: A piece of Jewelry to celebrate promises and love – a ring is so much more than just a plain band of Jewellery! It's a sentiment you gift to your beloved or even to yourself. Rings often symbolize style and status like they used to do back in the olden days. There are several styles of rings to select from and they can be worn for casual or formal occasions. Rings worn on freshly manicured hands look extra mesmerizing, so if you want to show off your special rings, make sure to have perfectly manicured hands.

  • Top Jewelry Brand in Pakistan

    Jewellery is an everyday wear accessory that women love to wear on a daily basis. You will hardly see a woman, who is not wearing any jewellery item. Like women from all around the globe, Pakistani women love adorning themselves with traditional, as well as modern styles of artificial and gold jewellery. When it comes to Best Jewellery Brands in Pakistan, Hanif Jewellers, Damas Jewellers, Almas Jewellers, Afzal Jewellers, Patiala Jewellers, Solitaire Jewellers,, Hamna Amir Jewellers, Jewelex, Zaheen Kamran Jewellers, Anzay Jeweller, , ARY Jewellers, Mahroze Jewellers, Zeesy Jewellery, Tesoro Jewellers, and several others are the go-to brands for the ladies for buying diamond, as well as gold jewellery. Since artificial jewellery with semi-precious stones is always in fashion, brands like Tesoro, Zeesy, and Mahroze are doing a great job of providing an incredible selection at affordable rates.

    Artificial Bridal Jewelry in Pakistan

    There was a time when brides used to wear only pure gold jewelry for their weddings. However, over the years, like other trends have changed, this one changed as well. Now brides prefer wearing matching artificial jewelry to wearing gold jewelry for their wedding. The business of artificial jewelry in Pakistan has sky rocketed for decades. Wearing artificial jewelry on a daily basis has also become a necessity for young girls and women. There are different styles of jewelry you can select from. When it comes to Artificial Bridal Jewelry in Pakistan, there are unlimited options. It all comes down to your preference and the style of bridal jewelry you are looking for. Some different types of Artificial Bridal Jewelry are Kundan Bridal Jewelry, Zircon Bridal Jewelry, Gold or Silver Plated Bridal Jewelry, Bridal Mala Sets, Bridal Gota Jewelry, Nauratan Bridal Sets.

    Some of Special Bridal Jewellery Essentials in Pakistan

    Bridal jewelry is made with great devotion by jewelry experts all over Pakistan and has a high consumer demand within Pakistan, plus all over the world. The Pakistani bridal jewelry features designs inspired by the traditional sub-continental patterns, ranging from Kundan work to beads, and even the use of American Diamonds, the embellishments for the bridal jewelry has endless possibilities. Some of the Essential Bridal Jewelry pieces in Pakistan that are charming for weddings are:

    Bridal Tikka
    Bridal Jhumkas
    Bridal Kangan
    Bridal Kundan Rings
    Bridal Nose Rings
    Bridal Necklaces
    Bridal Baali Earrings
    Bridal Maatha Patti
    Bridal Anklets

    These jewelry items are worn on every wedding function in diverse ways and styles, where natural flowers or dough or gota jewelry is a big hit for Mehndi, plus Mayon functions, and gold or artificial jewelry is preferred for the functions of Nikkah, Barat, and Walima. The real gold and artificial jewelry are often worn side by side with artificial jewelry as a bridal necklace set, plus the bangles, along with rings are often made of 24-carat gold.

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