Net Dresses 2023

Net Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Net Bridal and Wedding Dresses in Pakistan are very popular for weddings happening throughout the year. From net maxi dresses to net lehenga dresses, net saree dresses in Pakistan to net frocks, net ghararas to gowns made of net fabric, there are endless options to choose from. You can custom design a net ensemble for your wedding by buying premium net fabric in a gorgeous hue of your preference. Getting it hand embroidered and embellished in traditional styles. Mixing and matching different fabrics like silk, masoori, chiffon, georgette, velvet, jamawar, as well as others with it to give it a dreamy bridal apparel look.

Mostly net fabric is layered with silk, grip, or lawn fabric. Printed silk and lawn fabrics with a layer of light-colored net material look exquisite. As it is a fabric that can be layered, so it can be worn year-round. Brides love to wear Pakistani bridal dresses made from net material. As the fabric looks extravagant and delicate, so it gives the regal, as well as feminine vibes to the brides. Net fabric is easy to embellish and embroider, but as the fabric is delicate, so you have to treat it gently. The best way to clean net wedding dresses is to dry clean them to elongate the life of the fabric and the adornments on the ensembles.

Currently, the trending Net Party Wear Dresses in Pakistan include net lehengas paired with silk, velvet, or masuri shirts. Beautifully embroidered net shirts paired with velvet or jamawar bottoms, along with a delicate dupatta are also very popular for wedding wear. You can also get tulle-type skirts made of net fabric to use as a volume enhancer under your lehengas or frocks. Net sarees look very elegant and when paired with an embellished silk blouse for a wedding will have all the eyes on you. Gorgeously decorated net dupattas along with net Wedding Dresses are also a major trend for functions like Nikkah and engagement. With endless possibilities, you can't go wrong with the net fabric for wedding functions.

What is NET Fabric ?

Net fabric, like its name, resembles a fishing net and has tiny holes in it. It is usually made from cotton, nylon, silk, or polyester. With a close network of holes that look like a fishing net, the net fabric has gotten its name because of the thousands of tiny holes it posses. Depending on the price of the net fabric, it can be expensive or affordable. High quality and fine net fabric usually comes with a hefty price tag, which is used for constructing formal, as well as bridal dresses in Pakistan. Net fabric is diversely used to manufacture Pakistani women's clothing. As the fabric is designed for occasion wear, so dresses made of net fabric are used for party wear dresses or wedding wear dresses. Net is a very lightweight fabric and is completely see-through. You need to layer it and wear a slip underneath it or get a fabric layered under it while stitching.

Different Types of Net Dresses in Pakistan

Talking about formal and bridal wear in Pakistan, the net is one of the most commonly used fabrics alongside chiffon, velvet, masoori, silk, as well as others. One of the most versatile used fabrics, Different Types of Net Dresses in Pakistan include bridal lehengas, maxis, frocks, kurtis, sarees, ghararas, shalwar kameez, and much more.

Net Bridal Dresses
All types of Pakistani bridal dresses are designed using the net fabric. Only premium grade net material is used in the construction of bridal ensembles. The net fabric is firstly hand-embroidered by expert craftsmen, embellished by hand with complete attention to detail to produce a luxurious outfit, and after the fabric is completely adorned, it is stitched in a pretty silhouette. These silhouettes include lehengas, ghararas, shararas, gowns, frocks, and much more. Net bridal outfits are accessible in a handsome variety of hues with attractive color combinations. Often paired with other fabrics to design an outfit fit for a queen, net bridal dresses are a perfect choice.

Net Maxi Dresses
Net maxi dresses have been in fashion for quite a while now. Whether the net is the main fabric used to design the maxi or the material is used as a tulle lining for the maxi to give it a voluminous look. Net maxi attires look great on ladies of all age groups and shapes. Extravagantly designed net maxi outfits are accessible in a wide range of hues, color combinations, embroidery techniques, embellishments, as well as styles to choose from.

Net Saree Dresses
Net sarees look timeless and elegant. With its see-through fabric type, you can get a pretty net saree that has delicate embroidery on its borders and wear it over a richly designed blouse. The net sarees will be perfect for weddings, as well as formal occasions, and come in a wide range of colors, as well as embroidery styles.

Net Kurtis
Net kurtis are amazing for semi-formal and formal wear. You can choose a beautifully decorated net kurti to pair with a stylish bottom and an elegantly designed dupatta. With the right accessories and shoes, you are going to look eye-catching in your net kurti.

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