Banarsi Dresses 2022

Banarsi Suits Collection in Pakistan

Banarsi fabric is high in demand for special occasions, which is why you can find a grand variety of Banarsi Suits Collection Online in Pakistan. Ranging from three-piece banarsi suits to banarsi sarees, banarsi lehengas for weddings to ghararas made of banarsi fabrics, the variety present is quite incredible. Banarsi Style Dresses are very popular in Pakistan and have been in fashion for decades now. With their self embroidered designs, banarsi suits have a high level of elegance to them and don't require much embellishments or laces to look extra pretty.

What is Banarsi Style?

Banarsi fabric is said to be originated in the city of India by the name of Varanasi or also known as Banaras, hence the name Banarsi is given to it. The city of Varanasi is famous for its silk and banarsi is a woven fabric that is weaved using silk, as well as cotton threads. It is a self-print or self embroidered dress with gorgeous patterns woven into it using gold and silver colored threads. There are several types of banarsi fabrics and jamawar, as well as banarsi jacquard, are some of the most popular ones. With its vintage vibes and premium quality, Banarsi fabric is excellent for wedding functions, as well as for party wear.

Banarsi Salwar Kameez Suit
Banarsi Shalwar Kameez Suit is ideal for semi-formal parties or wedding functions. Depending on the type of Banarsi fabrics you get, you can get a suit having a Banarsi dupatta, as well as a shirt, which will look very elegant. Banarsi shalwar kameez suits also come with dupattas made of fabrics like silk, organza, net, as well as others, which make the outfit look very trendy. You can get buttons and tassels stitched on your banarsi shirt to give it a more fashionable look.

Banarsi Dupatta
Banarsi Dupatta is ideal for making a style statement and looks marvelous when paired with a dress made of banarsi fabric or other types of fabric. Nowadays, you can spot silk embellished Pakistani dresses paired with banarsi dupattas, which are trending and look very attractive. You can get a matching colored banarsi dupatta to your outfit or get a dupatta in a different color to make an irresistible and eye-catching contrast. With banarsi dupattas you don't have to do the extra hassle, as the fabric is lightweight yet non-slippery, so you can easily style it with your ensemble.

Banarsi Shawl
To keep your fashion game up during the winter season, banarsi shawls are something you can't skip on. Banarsi shawls with their glistening brocade designs look very attractive. You can style a Banarsi Women's Shawl in Pakistan with any outfit in any hue and unlike other fabrics, you can find banarsi shawls in a wide range of mesmerizing hues. A great choice for party wear, banarsi shawls are ideal for a simple yet sophisticated look, providing you with the confidence to amuse everyone with your style.

Banarsi Trouser
Banarsi style trousers are usually paired with wedding and formal party wear to take the appeal of the outfit up a notch. You can see banarsi trousers often paired with dresses made from materials like silk, net, chiffon, organza, velvet, as well as others, which creates a very pretty combination of different fabrics. Banarsi Trouser that is made from banarsi fabric or banarsi jamawar fabric is a go-to choice for the ladies and is a fashion trend that is followed year-round. The types of banarsi trousers you can find include straight cut pants, ghararas pants, shalwar cuts, and others.

Banarsi Saree
Banarsi sarees have a huge appeal to them and banarsi online saree dresses in Pakistan that are made in Varanasi are exported worldwide. You can also find a large selection of beautiful banarsi sarees that are designed and made in Pakistan as well. A Banarsi Saree is designed for wedding wear or Party wear dresses and is often paired with a plain blouse. It is a gorgeous ensemble that will make you look very alluring. Banarsi is an expensive-looking fabric, so it is natural that banarsi sarees have this aura of luxuriousness to them. If you are planning to look your best for a wedding, get a silk banarsi saree for a graceful and traditional look.

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