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Women's Favorite Winter Fabrics and Colors in Pakistan

Women's Favorite Winter Fabrics and Colors in Pakistan

Pakistan is among the few blessed countries of the world that experiences all the four seasons throughout the year. The winters in Pakistan last for 4 to 5 months and depending on the area of the country you are living in, it can get extremely cold or just moderately cold during the winter season. Having a comfortable time during the cold weather calls for appropriate winter wear that is going to protect you from the cold winds outside. However, winter doesn't have to mean that you need to wear layers of clothes and turn yourself into a fuzzy blanket. As, the winters in Pakistan are moderately cold in most cities, so you can easily wear a stylish outfit with a warm sweater or jacket. [Read More...]

Just like women from all over the world, Pakistani women are very up to date with fashion and the latest trends. They love wearing stylish outfits and dresses featuring the trending silhouettes. Western-style outfits, as well as eastern cuts, both are equally popular in the Pakistani fashion industry. So, no matter what is your fashion preference, you can easily find a chic dress to please your fashion desire.

Every year, as soon as the autumn season arrives, all the women wear brands in Pakistan launch their fall/winter collections that are exclusively designed keeping the fashion likings of Pakistani women in mind. These collections include stitched and unstitched outfits that are suitable for casual wear, as well as for any formal events happening during the winter season. Some of the most used fabrics in winter wear collections include linen, khaddar, wool, velvet, cotton, silk, and others.

Among the long list of womens winter clothing, linen and cotton are some of the most used materials. Firstly, for the obvious reasons, both these materials are affordable, so one can easily place a reasonable price tag on dresses made from linen and cotton fabrics. Secondly, linen and cotton both are lightweight fabrics, so they are very suitable for mildly cold weather. As these fabrics are breathable, so they are very soft and comfortable to wear. If needed, you can carry a jacket or coat around with you to cover yourself up with an extra layer of warm clothing if it gets too cold.

Pakistani women love wearing cotton and linen that are paired with wool shawls. The beautiful prints on the womens dresses make them very attractive and the right amount of embroidery turns the dress into a perfect outfit for women, who are seeking something a bit elegant for their office wear.

For party wear, the velvet suits are immensely favored since velvet has the luxury factor to it. Whether it is a formal party happening during the winter months or a grand wedding, a velvet dress with any amount of embellishments will be the choice of most Pakistani women. For fancy wear, velvet dresses are paired with fabrics like net, chiffon, silk, jamawar, and other similar fabrics, which are popularly used in the creation of party wear outfits. Alongside velvet dresses, velvet shawls with eye-catching embroideries are also trendy during the winter season.

Jewel tones and deep dark hues are the perfect colors for winter, which is the reason that these colors are mostly used in the manufacturing of clothes for winter wear. As can be seen from the winter collection 2019 of most brands, plums, rich burgundies, vibrant greens, deep blues, and classic black are some of the favorite colors of Pakistani women for the winter season.

Brown and orange hues from fall trends also transition into winter fashion and are the right choice for those who are in love with the colors of fall. Variety is also present for those who are not into rich and deep tones. Therefore, one can easily find a pretty winter wear outfit in earthy tones or light pastel hues.

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