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Amber Dates Khajoor 400GM Price in Pakistan

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Amber Dates Khajoor 400GM

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Dates are packed full of iron that is a Sunnah to incorporate in our everyday lives. They are also a good source of sugar, fiber and calcium. Amber Dates is the best and the most trusted dates brand in Pakistan that imports its Dates directly from Saudi Arabia.

Amber dates are bigger in size and are cleaned using the high tech machines insides their factories. Original dates are also known to minimize the risk of abdominal cancer by 99% there for Amber dates are recommended by nutritionists in Pakistan. They sell 100% original dates that are free from artificial sugars and colorings. Amber dates are packed in a cardboard box to maintain its hygiene and quality to the max.

Amber Dates Khajoor 400GM Price in Pakistan (Code: M010863) offer by PakStyle are just Rs.1295/- instead of Rs.1650/-. You can also find the price for other related products like Dates, Dry Fruits in Pakistan at PakStyle.pk!

Amber Dates Khajoor 400GM Price in Pakistan is Rs.1650 Rs.1295

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