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Ajwa Khajoor (Dates) 400GM from Madinah, Saudi Arabia Price in Pakistan

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Ajwa Khajoor (Dates) 400GM from Madinah, Saudi Arabia

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Ajwa Khajoor and Zamzam Water are the two specialties of Saudi Arabia. People, who perform Hajj or Umrah, bring these specialties as gift for friends and relatives. Ajwa Dates are delicious, sweet and soft date that is cultivated in holy city Madina Munawara. It is black in color with sophisticated white lines. It is highly expensive fruit. Arabs use this fruit early in the morning and at the time of breaking fast.

Though there are many other kinds of dates available in Saudi Arabia but people have a preference to purchase Ajwa Dates. These are best for patients of sugar, heart diseases, mental illness and eye diseases. It is clear through scientific research that dates have capability to reduce the chances of heart attack. Moreover, it protects from digestive problems, intestinal toxic, headache and frustration. It is best diet for pregnant women as well.

As compared to other categories, Ajwa Dates is given more valued because Holy Prophet preferred it over other types. It is proven through Ahadith that Ajwa Dates protects from effects of magic, poison and effective for heart health. Though Ajwa Dates are cultivated only in Madinah, Saudi Arabia but are exported all over the world. Ajwa Khajoor Price in Madinah, Ajwa Khajoor Price in Makkah, Saudi Arabia are ranging from SAR70 to SAR110 per KG while Ajwa Khajoor Price in Pakistan is ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 per KG based on quality and product grade.

In this pack you will get 400 Grams Ajwa Khajoor!

Ajwa Khajoor (Dates) 400GM from Madinah, Saudi Arabia Price in Pakistan (Code: M003676) offer by PakStyle are just Rs.1095/- instead of Rs.1400/-. You can also find the price for other related products like Dates, Dry Fruits in Pakistan at PakStyle.pk!

Ajwa Khajoor (Dates) 400GM from Madinah, Saudi Arabia Price in Pakistan is Rs.1400 Rs.1095

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