Karachi, formerly known as Kolachi, is home to more than 21.2 million people sharing diverse ethnicity, religions, and languages. Located on the coastline of southern Pakistan, along the majestic Arabian Sea, Karachi stands tall as the world's 6th most populous metropolitan city and Pakistan's chief industrial and financial center. The Karachi's formal economy is estimated to be worth $113 billion as of 2014. Karachi alone, collects over a third of the Pakistan's tax revenue, and generates about 20% of the country's GDP.

Karachi, which is famous for its warm sandy beaches, is also known to be extremely famous for its nightlife. The City of Lights never sleeps and since it doesn't sleep, you will always find yourself wide awake and indulged in some kind of fun activity while you're in Karachi you might even find yourself having chai paratha at the nearest dhaaba at 3 in the morning!

So if you are new to Karachi, we assure you that you will fall in love with everything that this city has to offer. The hustle bustle of this busy metropolis will remind you of the liveliness of its inhabitants; its traditional sweets and spices will take you on an exciting journey of euphoric flavors, and its roaring bazaars will awaken all your senses and set you in a mood to bargain like a true desi. So, no matter where you're from, you'll certainly find yourself allured to the city's buzzing streets and humming crowds.

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Karachi:

Known to be one of the world's cheapest shopping destinations, Karachi has definitely raised its game in its 'mallscape' culture over the past decade. As Karachi has a lot to offer, every mall in the city is geared to make the whole city available under one roof. A few top-ranked shopping malls in Karachi include:

Atrium Mall

Located in the center of Karachi's busiest neighborhood, Atrium Mall stands peacefully midst the buzzing streets of Saddar Bazaar and is one of the top 10 shopping malls in Karachi, Pakistan. The mall not only features various brand outlets and boutiques, but it also has a great food court where you can sit down to grab a bite, plus, a 3-D cinema, where you can enjoy a good movie with all your friends and family.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Dolmen Mall Clifton

DMC is home to some of the most prominent international and local brands currently operating in Pakistan. From Debenhams to Deepak Perwani, Dolmen Mall Clifton has everything to satisfy all your shopping needs. Also, Sindbad's Wonderland at the mall serves as a delicious fun-filled treat for kids and offers endless entertainment to people of all age groups. Dolmen Mall Clifton is considered one of the top 5 shopping malls in Karachi.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Emerald Mall

The exceptional-looking Emerald Tower has 3 floors exclusively reserved for luxurious showrooms and boutiques which reflect style and supremacy that turn a tedious shopping trip to the mall into a truly delightful experience. The extravagant Emerald Shopping Mall boasts a huge food court where the happy shoppers can hangout and relax while the kids can go crazy inside the Children Play Land. Emerald Mall is one of the top 10 shopping malls in Karachi, Pakistan.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Gulfway Shopping Mall

If you've got a keen eye for a bargain, Gulfway Shoppping Mall will never disappoint you. Gulfway Shopping Mall is your #1 shopping destination if you're looking for traditional khussas, jewelry, laces and loose cloth. The shoppers may also find many tailors and embroiders who are more than willing to design and glorify any kind of Pakistani clothes they hand them at quite reasonable prices.

LuckyOne Mall

LuckyOne is one of the biggest malls in Karachi with over 200 stores and services and a humongous parking lot for more than 3,000 cars. It also includes a spacious food court, atrium, a ramp for fashion shows, and a large area for musical concerts. The LuckyOne also has an outdoor food street to entertain its customers with a splendid dining experience. The mall's major attraction still remains to be the indoor theme park, known as Onederland which is spread over two levels. Its worth mentioning that LuckyOne is considered one of the top 5 shopping malls in Karachi.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Millennium Mall

Whether you want to shop till you drop or you're just looking for a place to chill out with your friends, Millennium Mall is undoubtedly the best stop. Located on main Rashid Minhas Road, Millennium Mall is perhaps not very far from your current location. The mall offers almost everything from leading brand outlets and bowling alley to food court, and a multiplex cinema.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Ocean Mall

Do more than just shopping at Ocean Mall, Karachi. Experience cinema like never before as Ocean Mall brings you the most immersive and gratifying movie viewing experience in its state of the art cinema. Other than the brand outlets and the food court, the mall also has an exquisite rooftop restaurant which offers a picturesque view of the city.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Park Towers

Located at Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Clifton, Park Towers stand tall as one of Karachi's very first shopping malls. Park Towers is home to some of the most amazing local and international brand outlets such as Khaadi and Hush Puppies. The mall features various other attractions for its visitors including a kids' play area, food court, and mega sales and discounts at fun-filled launches and events.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

The Forum

Believed to be the busiest mall in Karachi, The Forum Mall is located in the heart of Clifton, Kheyaban-e-Roomi, Gizri Road. The deluxe architectural structure of the mall bears enormous space for shops, showrooms, food outlets, a departmental store and offices. So, whether you are shopping for diamonds or for groceries, you will find that The Forum has everything in stored for you under one roof.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Zamzama Mall

Situated on Zamzama Boulevard, Zamzama Mall is the only shopping mall in the posh DHA neighborhood. The mall houses more than 120 shops and showrooms, most of which belong to # 1 international and local brands like J. Zamzama Mall promises to be the perfect leisure destination while providing the visitors with a first-class shopping experience.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Karachi:

If you are a shopaholic and you have never had the chance to wander through the busy marketplaces of Karachi then trust us when we say that you have been missing out on everything. So, here is a quick peek at some of the best shopping markets in Karachi to help you get out and about.

Zamzama Market

If you are looking for a gorgeous designer dresses for your wedding, then Zamzama market is perhaps the best place to start your quest from. Apart from hundreds of designer showrooms, this posh neighborhood of DHA also holds some pretty famous eateries including Arizona Grill, Pantry, and Karachi Social.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Tariq Road

One of the many places in Karachi where you might get elbowed by a crazy shopaholic aunty. The "always busy" Tariq Road is home to hundreds of boutiques, vendors and shopping centers. From loose cloth & laces to bags & shoes, you will find anything and everything at Tariq Road that too, at quite reasonable rates. Tariq Road is considered one of the top 5 shopping places in Karachi.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi


Famous for the replica of Charminar monument of Hyderabad, India, constructed on the main crossing and of course its mouth-watering chaat, Bahadurabad is one of the best marketplaces in Karachi where you can find everything from cheap & cheerful restaurants to brand outlets like Khaadi, and J.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Hyderi Market

Always buzzing with excitement, Hyderi Market is rather noisy for people who don't like shopping. But for shopaholics like us, it's a shopper's heaven! Vendors bargaining, cars honking, narrow streets crowded with happy shoppers, Hyderi market is undoubtedly one of the liveliest of markets in Karachi and considered one of the top 5 shopping markets in Karachi.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Gul Plaza

Situated at M. A. Jinnah Road, Gazdarabad, Gul Plaza happens to be one of the biggest wholesale markets in Karachi. It offers almost everything you could ever ask for including, bedsheets, crockery, plasticware, toys, babywear, and more.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Uzma Shopping Center

If you are looking for beautiful casual or bridal dresses that won't cost you a fortune, then Uzma Shopping Center is just the place for you. The shopping center is home to various apparel shops and boutiques. You will also find the most gorgeous traditional khussas here at dirty cheap prices!

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Boulton Market

Even if you don't want anything at all, we must encourage you to go and appreciate the beautiful architecture of Boulton Market at least once in your lifetime. Constructed in the late 1800s, the Boulton Market is one of the oldest markets in the city. Though it is known to be a wholesale market, a number of shopkeepers gladly serve retail customers as well. Boulton Market offers the best rates on a variety of consumer goods including cosmetics, jewelry, toys, books, clothes, and more.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Zainab Market

One of the most famous places in Saddar, Zainab Market is your # 1 shopping destination if you're on a tight budget. At Zainab Market, you can find all kinds of goods including leather goods, artificial jewelry, great quality export leftovers, and traditional menswear at very reasonable prices.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Co-operative Market

Co-operative Market is one of the major attractions of Saddar Bazaar. It sells a huge variety of goods ranging from electronics to fashion apparel. Other than that, Co-operative Market is also famous among foreigners and tourists for customary gifts like souvenirs, rugs, Ajrak etc. Among the desi crowd, Co-operative Market is famous for men's traditional clothing like sherwani, and shalwar kameez.

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Jama Cloth Market

The market that makes Zamzama look cheap in terms of bridal wear! Jama Cloth Market is the oldest bridal wear market of Sindh which was established way before the independence of Pakistan. Insanely popular for its bridal wear, Jama Cloth Market offers more than just gorgeous bridal joras. You can also find other items here including kitchen accessories, computer items, watches, machineries, abayas, ladies' scarfs, toys, and more!

Top Shopping Malls or Places in Karachi

Online Shopping in Karachi

While shopping malls in Karachi are a great place to hang out with your buds, the city's outdoor bazaars are no less fun. They are all well worth a trip and we would definitely recommend you to go out there and sniff in every essence of this city's nightlife while you can!

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