Top Selling Rasasi Perfumes Online in Pakistan

Top Selling Rasasi Perfumes Online in Pakistan

RASASI is an internationally renowned, Dubai-based perfume brand that has oriental and occidental perfumes. These perfumes are quite affordable and easy to order. Rasasi Perfumes are in high demand throughout Pakistan because of their affordability and durability. Rasasi offers its loyal customers an endless variety of perfumes for both men and women. The perfume collection is filled with various kinds of scents and tones for you to choose from. [Read More...]

Rasasi perfumes are known for their long-lasting, pleasing smells. Rasasi has styled an amazing approach to create luxury perfumes for customers. The products prepared by this company are more suitable for the people who love to have an elegant appearance in parties.

Types of Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Men's Perfumes:

Perfumes play a vital role in helping men portray their best selves to the world. IF you smell good, you automatically appear classier and more polished. If you are looking for the best men's perfumes with tones that go well with a man’s poised and elegant appearance, then you are in the right place. Rasasi offers a wide range of men’s perfumes with different tones and scents. Check out the collection to choose the best one for yourself!

Rasasi Women's Perfumes:

Your scent plays an important part in building the first impression, so you must smell fresh and clean at all times. You can have the signature scent that makes people remember you when they smell something similar. With Rasasi’s women’s perfumes collection available in an endless variety. You can choose the perfect perfume that matches your personality and preferences. Do you know what the best part is? They are extremely affordable too!

Rasasi Deodorants Body Spray:

With the summer season at its peak, the heat and sweat tend to create hygiene problems like unsettling odors and rashes over the skin. If you want to spend this summer season sweat and hassle-free then grab a deodorant body spray from Rasasi now! Rasasi deodorant body sprays are guaranteed to help you feel and smell fresh at all times and keep you sweat-free throughout the day.

Rasasi Attar:

Attars are known for their traditional, satisfying smell that seems to refresh everyone around. But sometimes, the good-quality ones are very hard to find among all the copies and fake products. But with Rasasi now available for your service, you can finally get your hands on the finest quality Attars and smell your best, wherever, whenever. Rasasi’s Attar collection is all you need to instantly amp up your scent game.

Top Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Blue Lady

Blue Lady is a harmoniously jolly perfume, perfect for women who relish life! offers you the 100% original version of Rasasi Blue Lady in Pakistan. The top notes of this alluring women's perfume online in Pakistan include violet leaf, orange blossom, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. The heart notes are filled with fruity floral freshness that includes plum, peach, narcissus and jasmine which beautifully combine with the base notes constituting of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and musk. The flirtatious juice smells super nice and comes in a cute cloudy glass bottle of 40ml. Since the staying power of this perfume is quite impressive, you don’t need more than a splash or two to be good all day.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Romance

Romance is for the woman who loves to explore the world of fantasy who likes to take a voyage to far beyond, it is for the naturally shining woman who enjoys life and fun. Fresh and sparkling top notes lead to a sumptuous bouquet of rose and jasmine, harmoniously combined with the fruity, woody, powdery notes in the dry down.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Oudh Al-Mubakhar

The famous Dubai-based fragrance brand Rasasi caters to women and men around the world and fulfills their perfumes needs. Rasasi Oudh Al-Mubakhar has very prominent agarwood notes that are balanced with fresh spicy scents. This fragrance arrives in a chic bottle-long gold cap to protect the perfume atomizer. It is mostly loved by men and is worn throughout the world. This fragrance has an oriental background that creates a deep and sensual vibe around the wearer. Apart from the packaging and the high-quality product, the price of this perfume is really affordable making it the perfect option for everyday use.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Secret

A sophisticated luxurious fruity floral Rasasi Secret perfume that reflects the mysterious and emotional side of the secret lady. The fragrance opens with heady peach and sparkling orange notes that are combined with a hint of subtle violet leaves. The heart of Rasasi Secret expresses the sensuality of the perfume blending a refined bouquet of Jasmine, Rose and Lily of the valley that naturally evolves into a mysterious base of musk, ceder wood, and sandalwood.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Oudh Al-Abiyad

Rasasi is a famous perfume brand that makes perfumes for both men and women. Their Rasasi Oudh Al-Abiyad is a unisex perfume that is packed full of oriental fragrance notes. The perfume comes in a sleek, rectangular glass bottle with a gold sturdy cap. The perfume has prominent woody notes that are followed by musky, rosy, citrusy, balsamic, and powdery scents in different proportions. This Rasasi perfume adds a depth to the wearer's personality and lasts for a really long time. Rasasi Oudh Al-Abiyad is the perfect addition to the perfume collection of people with a passion for deep oriental scents. This perfume also makes a great gift to your partner, friends or family for any occasion throughout the year.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Afshan

Rasasi Afshan is an oriental perfume with main woody fragrance notes followed by floral, spicy, and musky scents to balance it out. The perfume comes in an elegant glass bottle with curves in the middle topped with a blue glass cap. Rasasi Afshan is a unisex perfume which means it can be used by both men and women. This perfume lasts for a really long time due to its strong aromatic concentration and works well with most people's body chemistry. Gift this perfume to your friends or family members or just buy it for you to make a statement.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Hope for Women

Hope is a very powerful emotion on which millions of people depend and draw their inner strength. It is a wonderful brunch of fruity flowery notes. The warm and obstinate rose is surrounded by the vibrating plum melon fruity note which brings sensuality to the perfume. The background built with sandalwood from India and various musky notes makes this perfume definitely substantive.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Royale Perfume

The unimaginable scent with power lays the stone-paved path to overcome the blues. Now he knows looking at the air around him the scented grasping tendrils like a feeling, would not leave him through the breaking twisting of a macho man's life; reluctant to part, the fresh smell of Royale. If embraced him all the time, the good feeling the presence of the real essence of life around him always. through life's tapestry, the him the power to be the ultimate manThe Royale Man.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Ascension Path to Zenith Perfume

Rasasi is a UAE based perfume brand, producing scents that are immensely popular. Rasasi fragrances are very much loved by Pakistani and this Rasasi Ascension Path to Zenith is no exception. It comes with a very reasonable price tag and will make an excellent gift for someone special in your life. This men's perfume online in Pakistan is a scent for men and has a strong woody aroma to it, which lasts you all day, making you smell nice at all times.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

Rasasi Ascension Arising Star Perfume

Rasasi perfumes have a huge consumer demand since they have very pleasant scents and come with a pocket-friendly price tag. This is the reason that they are easily available in Pakistan and the brand is well-loved for producing quite a selection of body sprays, oudhs, plus perfumes. Rasasi Ascension Arising Star is a perfume for men from the Rasasi's Ascension range that has a musky, spicy scent to it, which is a popular fragrance among men.
Top Best Selling Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan

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