Watches are one of the most worn accessories by men and it used more as a fashion accessory than a mean to keep a regular check on time. From intricate leather straps to elegant metal ones, medium-sized dials to studded large sized bezels, and even smartwatches, the designs of wrist watches for men are endless. Watches are a great depiction of your personal style and whether you are into sporty style watches or classic, sophisticated designs, a watch can tell a lot about your personality.

This is the reason that many brands have introduced modern and retro-inspired watches to cater to the fashion liking of every man. These watches come with a comprehensive diversity of price tags and depending on how much you have to splurge on a watch, you can easily find the perfect watch for yourself. Here are Top 5 Men's Watches Brands that have been trending for a while now and if you are searching for the right watches online shopping in Pakistan, here are the 5 brands you need to know about.


Rolex is one of the most luxurious and oldest brands in this list that has been producing extravagant watches for both the genders over a span of a century. It is a Swiss designer brand that is known for creating masterpieces that are a collector's item, with watches that are one of a kind, created using elements like gold, platinum, plus diamonds.

Top 5 Men's Watches Brands


Rado is a Switzerland based luxury watch brand that is known for producing some of the finest watches in the world. Price wise, this brand is an affordable indulgence, with somewhat prices that are doable. The brand is also known for using premium quality materials to create the watches with expert craftsmanship.

Top 5 Men's Watches Brands


Casio is a Japanese brand and has been in the market for a few decades now. It is known for producing good quality watches, with a price tag that doesn't leave you bankrupt. The brand also produces affordable calculators, electric musical instruments, projectors, label printers, and much more, along with the watches.

Top 5 Men's Watches Brands


Hublot is a Swiss brand that is in the business of watch making for over 3 decades now. The brand is known to produce some of the highest quality of mens watches, with futuristic designs that retail anywhere between a couple of thousand dollars to a few million.

Top 5 Men's Watches Brands


Movado is a Switzerland based brand with a history as old as over a span of a century. The brand is well loved for offering watches with minimalist and sleek designs that look very elegant, plus come with reasonable price tags.

Top 5 Men's Watches Brands