Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

With an increase in the rate of online shopping in Pakistan, almost every clothing brand has set up its webstore to make its garments readily accessible. Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan is quite fun because you can browse through online closets for hours while laying in your bed to find the perfect dress. These ready to wear dresses are accessible in all sizes usually offered by brands and you can easily buy your favorite outfit in your size without leaving your room. [Read More...]

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Ready to Wear Kurti/Tops
If you are an outgoing person or a working lady, Ready to Wear Kurtis/Tops are the best investment as you get such a grand selection of clothing to wear with several options. You can pair such ladies kurtis online with solid-colored bottoms or jeans to make an effortless style statement. If you shop from high street brands, you can find a decent stitched kurti for under Rs 2000.

Readymade Kameez Shalwar
Readymade Kameez Shalwar suits are ideal for any occasion, depending on the design and the article you choose. Simple lawn or linen ladies shalwar kameez suits are great for casual wear, whereas embroidered, as well as fancy ready to wear shalwar suits can be styled for events and parties. You have the choice to choose from traditional style shalwar kameez or suits with modern designs.

Ready Made Frocks
Ready made Frocks are available in different lengths, sizes, styles, and are constructed using different fabrics. Knee-length simple frocks can be styled for casual wear, whereas embellished chiffon long frocks are superb for party wear. Ready to wear frocks can be purchased as single-piece outfits or you can also opt for a complete frock dress.

Readymade Maxi Dresses
Whether it's western style maxi dresses or eastern style, Readymade Maxi Dresses are widely sold online and in stores. They are present in different cuts, prints, designs, as well as color selections. Simple printed maxi dresses are great for casual wear, whereas heavily embroidered maxi suits are ideal for weddings, as well as other such events.

Readymade Lehenga Dresses
Lehenga dresses for ladies are one of the commonly worn outfits for festivities like weddings. Raedy-to-wear Lehenga Dresses are largely sold, where colorful, vibrant, adjustable-sized lehengas are designed for Mehndi events with a short choli. You can also browse and select from elegant farshi lehengas paired with different length shirts, where both simple lehengas with heavy shirts, as well as heavily embellished lehengas with simple shirts are present.

Readymade 2-Piece Embroidered Linen Dress

How beautiful is this Two-Piece Readymade Linen Dress with delicate embroidery on the neckline, as well as the sleeves of the shirt. It is stitched in a standard size medium and is a shirt with trouser combination. The length of the shirt is 37 inches with a 20-inch chest width. Stitched in a fitted straight cut, the shirt also has tassel work on the embroidered bodice. You get straight-cut trousers with these readymade suits for ladies, which has a length of 38 inches and has a sewn-in elastic waist.
Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Readymade 3-Piece Embroidered Blue Silk Maxi Dress

Silk is a superb fabric choice for maxi and this Readymade Three-piece Embroidered Silk Maxi is in a lovely royal blue color with matching bottoms. Having a plain parrot green organza dupatta with an embroidered motif panel work on all four sides, the color of the dupatta matches the color of the embroidery on the maxi. The shamoz silk maxi is stitched in medium size with a length of 53 inches and has a frill of 92 inches. These Pakistani maxi dresses has delicate embroidery work on the neckline, sleeves, as well as ghair.
Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Readymade Embroidered Silk Dress with Net Dupatta

Shamoz silk dresses in solid colors are a big trend and this Readymade Embroidered Three-piece Silk Dress is worth checking out. In a beautiful jewel green tone, it has a plain net, and a three-tone dupatta in shades of green, red, along with yellow. Having a straight shirt stitched in medium size, the length is 33 inches, with a chest measurement of 19 inches. Possessing beautiful floral embroidery on the sleeves, the rest of the dress is plain with dori tassel on the neckline, which looks quite dainty.
Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Readymade 2-Piece Embroidered Shamoz Silk Dress

Red-colored ready to wear dresses in Pakistan make an excellent style statement for any formal occasion. This Two-Piece Shamoz Silk Dress is a ready to wear stitched suit in trouser-shirt combination. Featuring an embroidered frock style shirt with pleats and a flowy look to it, it will look very flattering. The golden embroidery is done on the sleeves, as well as the daman of the frock shirt. Stitched in a standard medium size with a length of 37 inches and a chest width of 19 inches, the suit comes with an embroidered belt for a fitted waist look.
Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

Readymade Embroidered Purple Shamoz Silk Maxi

When you don't know what to wear for a wedding, a dark-colored maxi is usually the best choice. This ready to wear Embroidered Shamoz Silk Maxi is in a dark purple color and is a single-piece outfit, stitched in a size medium. The color is great for wedding dresses in Pakistan in winter season and the embroidery makes the maxi look quite chic. Decorated with machine-done detailed embroidery patterns on the bodice, sleeves, as well as the lower half of the maxi, the use of golden thread creates a spectacular contrast against the dark-colored fabric.
Readymade Dresses Online Shopping in Pakistan

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