Most Common Wedding Dress Colors in Pakistan

Most Common Wedding Dress Colors in Pakistan

If you have a large social circle or have an extended family, there is a bright chance that you have to attend several weddings each year. Being a woman you can't possibly wear the same dress to multiple weddings because this is something other women notice and you would always want something new, as well as trendy for the wedding occasions. For women, they always know what is the most flattering color for their skin tone and while wearing which color they get the most compliments. Therefore, on a special event like a wedding, you would want to look your best, so going for the flattering colors on you sounds like a smart choice. [Read More...]

For weddings, there are no wrong colors and even tones like black, as well as white, which might sound not so suitable for weddings in other traditions, are totally trendy in Pakistani weddings. From reds to greens, golds to silvers, oranges to yellows, and purples to blues, every hue is in fashion for weddings happening in Pakistan. Big named designers, fashion brands, as well as small home run dress boutiques, carry all colors in their Pakistani wedding dresses collections, so you have a large selection to choose from. So, whether you have to follow a color theme since you are the bridesmaid or are just looking for a gorgeous dress in your favorite hue to wear to the wedding event of a loved one, you can easily find a pretty attire, according to your requirements.

Some of the most common Pakistani wedding dress colors have to be the shades of red, gold, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and blue, which are seen on brides, as well as the guests during all the wedding events, including Mayon, Mehndi, Nikkah, Barat, Walima, etc. Since all these colors are always in fashion, you don't have to fear to look outdated. As the color spectrum for the Pakistani bridal dresses is so diverse, you don't necessarily have to look for dresses by the color, but instead can shop any dress by choosing the fabric, the embroidery, as well as its silhouette.

So, whether you decide to wear a pink, plus gold gharara to a Mehndi function, an angelic white maxi dress for a Nikkah event, an intricately embroidered red lehenga dress with a train to a Barat function, or a sexy green silk sari to a Walima event, as long as you will style any color with confidence, you will look mesmerizing.

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