It would not be unfair to say that the present success of the perfume industry owes to the early Arabs who started perfumery in the 9th century. It was them who begin the use of essential oils, natural herbs and flowers in their perfumes which made the scents so overpowering and long-lasting. Even though most perfumes are made synthetically these days, the perfumes with high essential oil content are more expensive than those having an alcohol-base.

The top Arabic Perfume Brand 'Arabian Oud' was rated 11th amongst global premium fragrances in 2012. With their huge success in the Middle East and Europe, this genre of fragrance has gained much popularity in our part of the world as well. A few renowned brands of Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan are as follows:

Ajmal Perfumes

With over 64 years of experience in this industry, these guys really know what they're doing. Along with their French masterpieces and oriental classics, they also offer something other brands don't CUSTOMIZED FRAGRANCES! Yes! You can either order Ajmal Perfumes in Pakistan from online stores like or go buy them from a reputed fragrance store.

Maryaj Perfumes

Based in Dubai, Maryaj Perfumes have a hundred and thirty-five outlets in Middle East plus a hundred more across the globe. Not only do they have an intriguing collection of fragrances for men and women, they're storing in something special for teens as well. Their Floral and Sporty collection are quite worthy of praise too. The price of Maryaj Perfumes in Pakistan is ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.2000 and some sellers even offer Free Home Delivery with every purchases.

Rasasi Perfumes

What started as a small family business now covers about 21,000 m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing zone in Dubai. Their Occidental and Oriental lines of perfumes have made quite an impression on people's senses and have made Rasasi one of UAE's top fragrance companies, driven by global vision. Rasasi Perfumes in Pakistan can be bought at very reasonable prices ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.3500 approx.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes

Founded in 1974, Swiss Arabian Perfumes is the first company in perfumes manufacturing to obtain an ISO 9001 certification. Swiss Arabian offers a wide range of high quality fragrances which include their traditional Oud, Dehn el Oud and cherry-picked range of French fragrances that soon become a part of you.

Though Arabic perfumes seem much of a big-ticket item, they are actually no. If you ask me, they're one of the best options if you're looking to invest for the long run. While you're obliged to buy your traditional cologne almost every month, a 6 mL bottle of Arabic perfume can last for about two months or more. Plus their fragrance is quite vibrant and long-lasting, so you don't need a reapplication after every 2 hours. Dilute versions of the same fragrances are also available for people who prefer mild fragrances or are sensitive to them. Since all or most of the ingredients used in their manufacturing are natural, they have zero side affects and can be used as aftershave or scented moisturizers as well. In short, they are a total win-win.

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