Bed Sheets Fabric Types

Bed Sheets Fabric Types

Quality Bed Sheet Fabric can affect every part of your body and daily routine as well because it comes with a direct contact with body so bed sheets fabric should be comfortable and according to the climate. Bed Sheets are very important aspect of a home decoration also gives home an appealing and impressive look. There are several enlightening facts about a bed sheet fabric everyone should need to know before buying the right bed sheet for you. As we spend most of our time on beds and research says when you don't sleep well at night it throws everything off, so choosing the quality fabric which guarantee durability also enhance the comfort level at nighttime. This guide will help you understand choosing the right fabric for specific season. [Read More...]

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There are many different fabric are famous for making quality bed sheets.

  • Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Satin Bed Sheets
  • Silk Bed Sheets
  • Velvet Bed Sheets
  • Flannel Bed Sheets

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton is a most common fabric for bed sheets and ideal in summer. There are various types of Cotton Bed Sheets currently available in the market but Egyptian cotton considered the best one for making bed sheets. Cotton is a most light weight fabric around for making bed sheets which absorb heat and air pass through it, so it remains cool and comfortable in extreme hot climate, which is an amazing choice for summer season.

Satin Bed Sheets

Satin fabric usually use for making fancy bed sheet. Satin considered a favorite fabric for bridal and wedding bed sheet. Satin is a silky and smooth fabric and breathe very light and cool and suitable for winter and summer for both season. An only downside of satin bed sheets is its slippery and scratchy surface, which is really annoying sometimes. An ultimate relief for satin bed sheet lovers is some satin bed sheets comes with inner layer of fabric to make a stronger grip on mattress so it don't slip from bed mattress.

Silk Bed Sheets

Like satin fabric silk fabric is also silky and smooth fabric but silk fabric is more luxury and pricey than the satin fabric. Satin is a man-made weaved fabric and a mixer of silk, nylon and polyester while Silk comes with the cocoon of silk worms and known as the finest fabric for making luxury bed sheets.

Velvet Bed Sheet

Velvet is a woven tufted fabric and can be made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Velvet bed sheets are super smooth and comfortable and tend to give warm and cozy feeling in winters.

Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel is a cotton combed fabric to fluff up the fibers to give it a cozy and warm feeling. Flannel is a heaviest weight fabric among all the range. Flannel bed sheets perfect for winters as the fleece like features provide complete relaxation and comfort in cold night.

Here I have shared my personal overview but still there are of course personal preferences when buy bed sheets online as we spend most of our lifetime on bed so be sure you're comfortable.

King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
King Size Crystal Cotton Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
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