Agha Noor Formal Wedding & Party Wear Collection

Agha Noor Formal Wedding & Party Wear Collection

Agha Noor is a joint creation of two young Pakistani entrepreneurs Agha Hira and Agha Noor. The brand started its maiden journey with a total of 6 employees and after hard work, the brand proudly houses over 3,000 employees. Due to the detailed artwork, Agha Noor has made a name in the Pakistani Fashion industry. Today it is one the most loved and sought after luxury fashion label in Pakistan. [Read More...]

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The brand's vision is to create the highest quality fabrics for its customers and offer an affordable price tag so it is within everyone's reach. Due to its unique patterns and out of the box designs, Agha Noor is popular in Pakistan and other countries around the globe

Agha Noor Formal Collection 2019-20 constitutes of 23 ensembles in the earth and spring-inspired colors. Most of the pieces are constructed with material like organza, chiffon and French net. The starting price of this collection is 4,800. The beautiful floral embroidery on delicate fabric gives this a dreamy look. Agha Noor is famous for its delicate and sophisticated designs and this collection is a true reflection of the brand's ideology. As the name suggests this collection focuses more on formal wear. The elegant floral designs flaunt creative skills look very feminine.

This Pakistani wedding dresses collection adds flexibility as you can wear the dress during the day and also on evening occasions. Most of the ensembles in the collection are either a single piece or two pieces. Due to the softer color palette, the Agha Noor Formal Collection 2020 is very flattering for all skin color specially desi skin tones. Though most of the designs are spring inspired in the collection. You can find a few bold colors like black and blue in the collection as well. Agha Noor Formal Collection 2019-20 is officially available at their online store and can also be purchased at official retailers all across the nation.

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