7 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

7 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

Bag - the only item other than shoes I see women being obsessed with. They just can't have one. Even my desi mom has a wardrobe full of them! Yet I have noticed a thing about women's "bag buying pattern" that they are quite afraid to experiment with different types of bags. For example, a woman who buys a shoulder bag continues to buy the same kind of bag throughout her life - carrying the same thing around everywhere she goes! Well, that's just wrong. You can't take a clutch to the gym and a cosmetic bag to a dinner, can you? [Read More...]

So, I guess it means that you need more than a single type of bag for your everyday needs. And by that, I don not mean that you need each and every kind of bag that's available in the market! You must own only about 7 of these types which include:


They are small, strapless handbags. Women can carry them in their hands or tuck them under their arm. A clutch can be small or as large as a thin file cover, with removable handle. They can even have beads and bows or studs. They're best for evening events. Check variety of Bridal Clutches in Pakistan. available at discounted rates.

Cosmetic Bags

They are small pouches that can be kept in your handbag or chic sack type bags that can be freely carried around. These bags are quite useful in keeping all your makeup essentials in one place. Cosmetic bags in Pakistan can easily be bought under Rs.1000 only.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are ideal for carrying personal belongings when travelling or if you are going to the gym. These bags have a wide opening at the top and are usually cylindrical in shape. They are sturdy bags, made of leather, canvas or nylon and can be worn over the shoulder.

Tote Bags

Tote bags can be used by both - males as well as females. They're sturdy and slightly larger than normal purses. They have a thick strap that is short in length and fits over the shoulder perfectly. Tote Bags in Pakistan come in different sizes and shapes and are best for keeping heavy items such as extra clothes and sunscreen when you're heading to the beach.

Hobo Bags

Within the Hobo category, there are hundreds of different types of Hobos to choose from. A Hobo is actually a large, unstructured bag with curvy top, bottom and edges, like a croissant. It resembles the good old bindle -only it's a lot more stylish than that! Hobo bags in Pakistan aren't very difficult to find, yet I'm afraid you won't see them in every other bag store.

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags or Crossbody Bags often round in shape look quite chic when you're heading out for lunch or a simple tea party. They're available in different prints and patterns with bows, buckles or rhinestones. Yet people like me prefer the simple leather ones that might remind you of the Wild West. Check list of high quality Crossbody Bags in Pakistan available at best rates.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags is probably the most common type of bag that can be found in Pakistani stores. This type of bag has a single strap or a pair of them that can easily be pulled over your shoulder so you can hold the bag in place. Shoulder bags are perfect for everyday use. Check variety of Shoulder Bags in Pakistan available at affordable rates with Free Home Delivery option.

Think you have ‘em all? No?

So, next time when you go out hunting a bag, please do not go for the same old thing or the one that matches your gorgeous new dress. Remember, the perfect handbag gives a great boost to your outfit - it doesn't have to match your dress every time. Just experiment with something new and incredible or you can try completing your "Set of 7" first, so you don't have to roam around the whole city with the same old bag. Believe me it's going to be worth it.

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