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5 Winter Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs

5 Winter Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs

The chill morning breeze was not quite enough to warn us about the changing weather but then the annual clearance sale clearly marked the winter’s arrival. Since all major brands have launched their season’s line and you ladies are already busy grabbing your favorite brand apparels, please do take a moment to have a closer look at your wardrobes for the seasonal essentials as winter is going to stay here for a while and things are going to get pretty harsh. [Read More...]

So here is a list of 5 winter wardrobe essentials that will help you get through even the coldest of cold-weather.


Short cardigan-like apparel that ends just below the waist or breastbone. It's becoming as popular as jeans in ladies wardrobe these days. Women's Shrugs adds a bit of colour and elegance to your outfit while providing an extra layer of protection from cold weather. Available in various colours and patterns, shrugs are generally made using cotton or acrylic blends, knits, cashmere or lycra. A shrug can be paired with a short-lengthened top and a pair of jeans but don't try to match everything up as it will give you a monotonous and dull look.

Ladies Tights

Tights or leggings are specially manufactured to keep the wearer's lower limbs warm and come in a number of colours and various lengths. You can pick any from knee-length tights, ankle-length tights or capri leggings. Do consider your body type when you're shopping for ladies tights. Ankle-length and black coloured tights suit all body types and give legs more elongated look when paired with stilettoes. Women with heavy lower body should stay away from bright coloured or patterned leggings as they draw more attention to their legs.

Tops & Sweaters

For winters, buy ladies tops that are soft and stick close to your body to keep you warm. As for sweaters, you have a large variety to choose from. You can either go for pull-overs or turtle-necks, V-neck sweaters or even cardigans. A sweater picked wisely can become your favourite winter apparel that can be paired with almost very outfit! They are generally manufactured using cotton, wool, cashmere, or synthetic fibers.

Shoes & Boots

No matter how cute your new sandals are, you just cannot wear them in winters! It's equivalent to wearing a tank top during snowfall. You must have warm shoes or boots to protect the heat from escaping through your feet. If you live in a city like Karachi, a decent pair of shoes would work fine. But if you live in a colder region, or are planning a visit, you must keep some boots with you too.


  • Gloves: This little winter apparel is often ignored by women but it's as important as your winter coats. Gloves are made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers that make them insulating as well as waterproof.

  • Scarves: For winters, you can have wool, pashmina, or acrylic blend scarves or shawls to wrap around yourself. They act as a perfect accessory to enhance your chic winter look while protecting you from the winter chill.

So even if you're planning to hibernate at home this winter, make sure you have these 5 essentials plus a coffee jar to get you through this season. And, don't forget to have a happy winter season. Online Shopping in Pakistan with Free Home Delivery is getting popular and with the arrival of online shopping websites like,, and people prefer to buy online rather than spending their time in local markets.

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PakStyle Winter Collection 2020