Makeup has been used to enhance the feminine beauty for centuries now and except a few changes in makeup trends, the use of makeup products has been constant. Makeup products are not only used to enhance your natural beauty, but are an instant pick me up that makes you look fresher and younger. There is not a right age or minimum age limit for when you should start wearing makeup since it is like an art and the individual has a full authority to express herself with her makeup skills, though it is advised by professionals to start wearing a full face of makeup in your late teens, as to avoid any adverse effects of makeup products on your baby skin.

You can use as many makeup products at a time as you want, however, if you are new to the makeup world and not sure, which basic products you need in your life, here is a list of 5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have.


Concealer is one of the utmost important makeup products that every girl should have in her beauty bag. You can always skip foundation because it is an extra step and not everyone likes the heavy feeling of foundation, but concealer is essential since it helps hide the darkness under your eyes, plus also conceals those unwanted pimples.

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have


Just like concealer, a powder is a necessity because firstly, you need to set the concealer with a powder or it will crease and will create lines, plus wrinkles on your face. Secondly, if you have an oily or combination skin, a powder is very handy since you can always blot with a tissue and put some powder on your face to mattify your skin, plus avoid excess oil production.

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have


When you will be layering up your face with powder and concealer, it will take away the natural rosiness of your face. So, the blush is there to ensure your cheeks look rosy, with a healthy look, which will make you look fresh and attractive.

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have


Mascara is essential in any beauty routine since one coat of a good mascara can do a lot for your lashes, by instantly making them look thicker and fluttery. If you have deeper colored eyebrows, mascara can be used as a 2 in 1 product and you can also use it as an eyebrow gel.

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have


Lipstick gives a finishing touch to any makeup look and even if you are not in the mood to wear makeup, the right lipstick shade will make you look extravagant, with minimal effort.

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have

So, that was the list of 5 makeup products that every girl should have. You can easily get these items from a market or either search online where many reliable and trusted website selling makeup online shopping in Pakistan.